(FIGHT) Investigating What REALLY Happened Chris Paul vs Rondo Spitgate NBA Fight



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Today I investigate the NBA fight between Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo and Brandon Ingram this past Saturday. The Lakers faced the Rockets in Lebron James Lakers home debut and near the end of the game a fight broke out and punches were thrown. Brandon Ingram started it off by shoving James Harden, then Chris Paul and Rondo got into each others faces before Rondo spit in Chris Paul's face. Pushes were exchanged before Rondo punched Paul 3 times, connecting hard on one before Paul returned punches. Ingram came in at the end while Lebron James held back his best friend Chris Paul and luckily wasn't able to connect.

I take a detailed look into the fight, the suspensions, the altercation between Paul and Rondo girlfriend/wife, the history of Paul vs Rondo and more.
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