6 Daily Action Steps To Recruit 3 To 5 People Per Week


Mark Nelson

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6 Daily Action Steps To Recruit 3 To 5 People Per Week

One of the biggest challenges for people in online marketing is learning how to recruit.

Here is 6 daily action steps to recruit 3 to 5 people per week in your business

0:35 Personal Development - this is so important. You have to grow to become the leader for people

1:25 Content Creation - 3 to 5 pieces of content per week

1:43 Promote your content - put you fb lives on youtube, then write a blog post, put them on twitter, etc.

2:25 Follow up - The money is in the followup

2:49 Learn Marketing Skills - this is crucial to your growth in business

3:15 Community - Be held accountable and join a community of people


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