BAYDOG Harnesses, Leashes, Collars and Accessories for Dogs Review (2018)


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Like many lifelong pet owners, I've been shopping for dog supplies for decades. From collars to harnesses and dog leashes to toys, I've purchased hundreds of products over the years. Some have held up well, while others were ruined after just a few uses. Read the full review here:

This is especially true when you order products online. No matter how many reviews you read, there are always conflicting opinions. This is one of the main reasons why I was skeptical about the quality of BAYDOG products, but once I was able to try them I was pleasantly surprised!

"As I mentioned, the Chesapeake Harness is designed for medium and large dogs. My favorite feature of this harness is the 3 attachment points. As I demonstrate in my video review, there are two D-rings located on your dog's back - one between the shoulder blades, and one further down in the middle of his back. The other is located on the on the front of the chest plate."
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