Best Dog Toys of 2018 | Pridebites Dog Toy Review (Must See)


Buddy The Borador

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If you want to see some truly AMAZING dog toys from the company Pridebites, you MUST watch todays episode of Buddy The Borador!

Today me and Buddy are looking at a possible winner for the best dog toy of 2018, Pride bites.

When PrideBites™ started, they were just a group of dog loving college friends.

They were unhappy with the look, feel, and versatility of dog toys on the market, so they decided to create some for themselves.

So we decided to give them a review!

Pridebites is on the doggy menu today as me and Buddy the borador take to the beach to test out these super awesome dog toys

If you want to check out any of the dog toys from today, head over to

The toys that featured in toys episode were:

The Munchie Mutt Pack - 🍔🌶️🍦
The Watermelon Dog Toy - 🍉
The Popcorn Dog Toy - 🍿

We test the dog toys out on their strength, durability and see how well they do against a dog who is a heavy chewer!

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