Bruce Lee Back Again - The Strongest Kids Kungfu (Ryusei Imai)


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Ryusei Imai i am a huge Bruce Lee fan Ryusei 7yearold from Japan birthday 2010.4.16
How many artists had have tried to imitate the great martial artist Bruce Lee? The answer to it is more than hundred. Martial artists over the world have tried to mimic the great action sequences of Bruce Lee in the past 35 years or so, but none whatsoever has come an inch close to this video.

The video sees a 5-year-old kid from Japan mimic the greatest martial artist known to humanity. The less than 2-minute video sees how Ryusei Imai copies the action sequence from movie ‘The Game of Death’ even without looking at it. This video has over 10 million views and counting in less than few weeks, since it appeared online. It is delighting to see the five-year-old kid impersonate the nunchaku scene, played by Bruce Lee himself.

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