Car Accident Trucker Rudi 06/03/18 Vlog#1444


Trucker Rudi

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Car Accident Trucker Rudi 06/03/18 Vlog#1444
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I love sharing my Videos with you guys I'm Rudi, Man from Bolivia.
and I live in Manitoba Canada I Document and make Videos (Vlog)
(Trucker Blog) and about My ADVENTURES in America.

I make Videos About my life and I happen to be Driving a Semi Truck
I make a lot of videos while on the Road Traveling.
I see a lot of Beautiful Scenery while traveling across Canada and the United States of America.

I also make Videos when I'm Home or Camping Fishing or Barbecuing or Hanging out with Friends
I also have a Drone I get some Amazing Video Footage from the Drone I have the DJI Phantom 3 4K.

I have a video up every Day.

Look up My Website to see where I'm Traveling to.

I Drive a 2007 780 Volvo 475HP 1850 torque with a 2000 Cummins ISX Engine and it has a Eaton Fuller Transmissions 13 Speed and it has 2.6 million kilometers on it that = to 1615565 Miles Plus LKW Fahrer

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I used the very highest setting that the camera has for recording my videos if you look on youtube you'll see 1080p at 60 frames per second if you choose to go with that setting on your computer you may experience the video freezing up at times if you are experiencing freezing up than go with a lower video quality setting Camera I use the GoPro Hero 6 Black Edition and a HERO 4 Black

The credit goes to John for playing the music for me thanks John
The credit for the music Ronni Wiens
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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