Dog Aggression Socialization - Behind the Scenes with Tyler Muto


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This is a very exclusive peak behind the scenes during a socialization session that was conducted during one of Tyler Muto's Shadow Programs.

Tyler teaches that play is rarely just play. In this video you will witness the rich communication taking place as an extremely dog aggressive Belgian Malinois is introduced to the socialization process. To illustrate key points of canine communication and rehabilitation, Tyler steps back and allows the dogs to work through the conflicts in a way that most trainers would not be comfortable doing. Tyler is able to do this because of the controlled setting, and the trust he has in his partner, another male Malinois named Lobo. There are some tense moments, but as you will see, this process allows Gideon to make progress at a rate that is exponential compared to traditional training techniques.

If you are interested in dog communication, body language, and rehabilitation then this video is an absolute must watch.
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