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Dogs With The Coolest Jobs HD
Dogs are humans first ally as another species of animal and we rely on each other more than you might realize. They’ve been trained to do unbelievable things that most of us probably couldn’t even imagine. Dogs will never ask for any kind of payment for all the work and cool things they do as long as you keep them well fed.

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6. Truffle Detectors
With those great senses, your dogs can be trained to find some pretty cool stuff. Truffles, especially the white ones can bring in quite a bit of dough, so you might as well employ your dog for the job and it could make you rich in the process! Truffles can bring in roughly 2000 dollars a pound and that means you got extra cash to buy your dog the good brand of puppy chow. Most of these truffles are made from a rare fungus known as tuber magnatum that only grows during a few months each year often near or under roots or trees. French chefs cherish them as a super food which will make almost any type of just a little bit better. Some of the dogs that are best for truffle hunting include the Standard Poodle, Cocker Spaniels, beagles and various hounds. Truth be told though, any dog with a healthy nose can be trained and it might be easier than you think! Keep in mind that truffles don’t grow everywhere and heavily wooded areas such as the pacific northwest or the appalachian mountains.

5. Professional Painters
Can you believe that some dogs out there can earn a decent living with their paint brushes? It’s true! With dogs being the intelligent creatures that they are, they can be taught to paint by holding the paintbrush in their mouth and making careful strokes. This dog we see here in this photo is named Hailee and she’s probably more intelligent than the average kindergartener! From her masterpieces along, she was able to raise 15,000 dollars for a charity known as the purple heart rescue. The owners claim that even in her older years when she went blind, she continued to paint. In another case, a different dog artist was able to raise 453 bucks from just one painting! Imagine telling your friends the piece of art hanging up on your wall was indeed art made by a dog

4. Balto The Husky Hero
Imagine being such a cool dog that you even got your own statue! Also located in New York city, this work of art the Husky named Balto, located at the Tisch county zoo located in Central Park. This is a popular attraction for kids who love dogs and for good luck, you’re supposed to rub its ears as well as show him appreciation. In 1925, this Alaskan Husky sled dog saved many lives of children during a deadly outbreak of diphtheria located in Alaska. With his hard work and endurance he rushed supplies to cities who were affected by the deadly disease. He was the head of the pack of the team that travelled through intense blizzards and temperatures below zero in the frigid regions of Alaska.

3. Mascot Dogs
You better believe that at some universities, the dogs are worshipped like idols when they’re the mascot of a beloved football team. The university of georgia has one of the most famous dogs out there and he’s certainly considered to be one of their most valuable players. You’re sure to see Uga on the sidelines during the biggest SEC football games with a pretty good view of the field. the name of the dog is an acronym for the university of Georgia, and you better believe he’s spoiled beyond belief. Uga got his own car specially designed for him to ride comfortably in! Since most bulldogs begin to breath heavily in the heat, certain modifications were made so the AC could be running at all times and at full blast! The famous bulldog is not only a celebrity when he walks on campus and all mascot dogs are directly related. Some criticize the ridiculous, king-like manner the dog is accustomed to.

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