FAST MOBILE BUILDER // 90+ Wins // Fortnite Mobile SEASON 5 Gameplay + Tips & Tricks



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FAST MOBILE BUILDER // 430+ Wins // Fortnite Mobile Gameplay Tips & Tricks

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❓ FAQ ❓
1. What device do I use?
- iPad Pro 2017 12.9 inch
2. What do I use to stream?
- I use AirServer to mirror my screen and Streamlabs OBS to configure my overlay and stream
3. What’s your sensitivities?
- Touch Sensitivity: .32
- Touch ADS Sensitivity: .61
- Touch Scope Sensitivity: 1
- Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier: 1
4. Do I use aim assist?
- Yes I do XD
5. Do I use turbo building?
- Yes
6. How old are you?
- 15
7. Do I use a controller?
- Nope. I use my fingers! I do not even use claws! Crazy Right? ^^

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