FB Chatbot Tutorial | Make Your Own Facebook Bot ( STEP-BY-STEP SETUP)


Nico Moreno

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Hey guys! In this video you're going to see how to Make Your Own Facebook Bot ( STEP-BY-STEP SETUP) even if you're brand new and don't have any coding skills.

I'll show you exactly how to get your first chatbot setup using ManyChat and show you how to create the chat bubble that you can install on your site or your funnel pages for free!

In this specific ManyChat tutorial, we're going to set up a customer chat bubble that you can add onto your sales pages or order pages to increase your sales and coversions and help your potential customers get their questions answered fast so they can purchase your offer.

This is 100% FREE to setup and totally beginner friendly even if you've never used a chatbot before and don't know what messenger is.

Enjoy =D

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