Flooded Britain 2014 P2 British Floods & Storms UK Weather England & Scotland & Wales 2014


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Flooded Britain 2014 British Floods & Storms UK Weather England & Scotland & Wales 2014. UK Floods and Storms January 2014.

Most Astonishing weather Great Britain and Ireland have ever seen. England, Scotland & Wales Flooded by stormy winds 2014.

Worst flooded areas across the UK include Somerset, Aberystwyth, Christchurch, Dorset, Oxfordshire, South Wiltshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Isle of Wight.

Burst River banks and flooded lakes caused by the Stormiest weather to ever hit the UK. This is Great British weather at it's worst.

Extremely fierce winds blowing up some powerful sea tides and resulting in Severe flooding and surging throughout much of the United Kingdom during this week, the Police have warned tourists chasing these storms and tides that they are putting their lives in danger.
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