Подарки на Новый Год 2017 Рома и Диана нашли под Ёлкой любимые ИГРУШКИ Видео для Детей и Малышей


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Roma and Diana woke up this morning and saw under the Christmas tree gifts! Father Christmas night brought Christmas presents for the kids. Kids do unpacking gifts and saw there his favorite toys. See what Friends Gifts and Toys Santa Claus has prepared for Tots. Video for Kids about Gifts for Christmas 2017, and favorite toys Kids - Roma and Diana.

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★ Roma Gifts from Santa Claus toys under the Christmas tree in 2016
✿ Diana gifts from Santa Claus toys under the Christmas tree Christmas Morning

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Hello friends! I Roma - a small blogger. I am 4 years old. Unpacking toys and review Toys for me - the most favorite pastime. I also love to travel, play games, I have a lot of toys. Together with the parents, we remove videos for children and vlogs for children's channel Kids Roma Show. I am adding a new video every day!
On my channel you'll get an interesting video for Kids: Unpacking toys, games and entertainment for children. I love Cars and Thomas the Tank Engine and Chaggington. I like to watch cartoons Fixiki, Puppy Patrol robokara Poly, cars, cartoons about cars for boys and different educational cartoons. I also walk a lot in the entertainment center, on the playground, in the children's playroom. I will share with you the best moments of your life!
Children also come in to channel my sister Diana!

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