How to Travel with Just a Carry On With 2 Adults and 2 Kids for a 10 Day Vacation + Tips


The Crazed Indian House Wife

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This is my tried and tested packing list, to travel with just Carry On luggage for myself and 2 children! Each of us had a backpack and a carry on spinner, that are packed with the utmost precision, this is the ULTIMATE LIFE HACK FOR KIDS!

This was for a 10 + day trip to Singapore, from Toronto, so it went from YYZ to HK to SG then Changi International to Shanghai international to Pearson International.

The travel charger:

Travel pillow:

Self inflating pillow:

Packing Cubes:

Juju Be Super Be:

Juju Be SuperStar:

Foldable kids headphones:

Quick Dry Towel:

This is my City Mini Stroller:

City Mini or City Select Boogie Board:

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PS My son didn't get lost in Disney, He was playing hide and go seek, hiding behind his stroller! But for that split second my heart stopped!
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