Kids Reactions to Salt and Vinegar Chips CAUGHT ON CAMERA (Hilarious!)


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Ah yes, salt and vinegar chips. Some people love them, some people don't like them. I personally like them but that's just because I, too, am salty! LOL! But really, I'll eat anything #justsaying. Anyway, these kids are eating these chips for the first time and they are having some hilarious reactions! We want to give you a full compilation of some of those hilarious silly faces they make because, trust us, it's so funny that you're going to laugh out loud. We even threw in a bonus clip of a doggo eating a salt and vinegar chip and that actually might be my favorite clip of them all because they had THE BEST reaction. You can watch the clip of the dog at 0:09.

Like this video if these hilarious babies eating reactions made you laugh! Comment down below and tell us which of these funny faces were your fave. Mine's the one at 1:28 because she's making such a silly face. And the doggo from earlier.

Kids Reactions to Salt and Vinegar Chips CAUGHT ON CAMERA (Hilarious!)

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