LOL Punk Boi Family Moves into the Barbie Dollhouse - Custom Barbie DIY & Rement Toys


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LOL Surprise Punk Boi and his family move into the new barbie townhouse apartment dollhouse. We decorate the barbie house with realistic miniatures for the dollhouse.

We customized a Ken doll to be a dad and Barbie mom! we also repaint a lol surprise pet to look like them!

Toys FeaturedL
Custom LOL surprise punk Boi Ken doll
Custom LOl surprise punk boi barbie mom doll
Barbie Dollhouse apartment
Rement doll house miniature items

Barbie LOL Surprise Punk Boi Teenager Doll - Custom DIY Ken Transformation

Barbie Doll Family LOL Surprise Baby Supermarket Routine - Miniature Grocery Shopping Cart

Barbie Doll Family LOL Surprise Play Date in The Playground

Barbie Doll Family LOL Surprise Pack Their Bags for Airplane Travel
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