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Obey obey let's obey our father
Obey obey let's obey our Mother
They will always say good for us
They will always do good for us
Obey obey let'sobey our father
Obey obey let's obey our Mother (tune)

Our father cares us dearly very dearly
Our mother loves us dearly very dearly
Obeying them is the first lesson we should learn
Obeying them help us to reach up high
Obey obey let's obey our father
Obey obey let's obey our mother(tune)

If we don't obey them then we surely get spoiled
If we obey them then we surely reach up high
To get success in life we should obey our parents
To get happy in life w e should respect our parents
Obey obey let's obey our father
Obey obey let's obey our mother(tune)

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