Police Harassing Couples


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Today i witnessed a Horibble incident which represents CORRUPTION, MISUSE OF POWERS , TERRORISTS BEHIND THE MASK OF POLICE

This incident took place at parsik hill ,belapur navimumbai which is a very pretty hill a mountain where there is no traffic and a very nature oriented public park ,
we where harrased by police stating we where indulguing in ashleel harkatey when we where doing photography and put multiple blames on us jus to get some money out of us by threatning us and later took my licence and went away without giving me a recipte.
please do not MISUNDERSTAND THE INCIDENT .This incident dint start because of police asking for licence & paper .this incident started because when girl and boy where standing 20 meteres away from each other police approaches with a blame that you are doing "ASHLEEL HARKAT "then he says i saw you from 2kms away from a place where a human cant see so so far ,then he changes his stament saying no i dint saw but someone complained about you and then he found this blame to be ineffective so he dragged me to the bike & said show me your licence paper and tried to find a point against me & then he called me a chain snatcher.this is just a harrasment technique so inncents upfrontly shell out there pockets.

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