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All songs are LBB originals! Enjoy the Color Train Song, Getting Dressed, Driving In My Car, Bath Song and many more!

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00:04 The Color Train Song
01:52 Getting Dressed Song
03:24 Boing Boing Bounce Bounce
04:56 Train Song
06:28 Five Elephants Having A Wash
08:17 Driving In My Car
09:44 No Monsters
12:13 Five Little Ducks On A Bus!
13:55 Swimming Song
15:41 Crocodile Song
17:36 Zoo Song
19:30 Where Did You Go?
21:18 Song About Planes
22:52 Ice Cream Song
24:14 Bath Song
26:01 1, 2 What Shall We Do?
27:38 Copy Me Song
30:28 Bus Song - Different Types of Buses!
32:05 Sharing Song
33:51 Eat Your Vegetables
35:21 Big & Small
37:08 Bunnies Bunnies
38:43 Jumping Around
40:28 1-20 Numbers Song
42:39 Telling Time Song
44:17 Tidy Up
46:00 Road Safety Song
47:51 Color Balloons
49:34 Butterfly Song
51:21 Ladybug Ladybug
52:56 4 Seasons Song
54:24 Being Kind To Each Other Song
56:05 Day And Night Song
57:44 The Moon Song
59:26 Hop, Skip And Jump
01:01:13 Things That Go Fast
01:02:47 Potty Song
01:04:09 Dinosaur Song
01:05:46 Counting Fish
01:07:20 Rub A Dub Dub
01:09:07 Make A Wish
01:10:50 Things That Go Slow
01:12:28 Funny Noises And Sounds Song
01:14:02 Together Song
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