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Quake done 100% Quickest by the SDA Speedrunning community:


Quake done 100% Quickest is a 100% completion speedrun of the game Quake by id Software. The speedrun was performed by members of the Quake done Quick team and this movie was put together by Jozsef "j0zzz" Szalontai. I've had to remove the intro and outro because of some codec problems with YouTube.

'Quake done 100% Quickest' is a run through all of Quake on Nightmare skill, going through the levels as fast as possible, killing every single monster and finding every single secret in every single map of Quake.

The running time is 48:00.

We recorded each demo separately, on skill 3 (Nightmare), of course without any cheating. To start with the correct stats we ended the previous level with, we used a QuakeC patch that allowed us to select the statistics we started with. There are no weapons in the higher levels, because you should have them already from previous ones. And we did it by connecting single demos together because the final product is a lot more interesting that way and entertaining, and we could include some very cool tricks that we couldn't do had we recorded it in one sitting.

Enjoy the run!
The QdQ team
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* Aleksander Osipov
* Arturo Garcia Lasca
* Carl Tholin
* Connor Fitzgerald
* Karol Urbanski
* Mathias Thore
* Peter Horvath
* Thomas Bergendorff
* Thomas Stubgaard
* Jaakko Alakopsa

* Thomas Stubgaard

* Jozsef Szalontai

* VirtualDub v1.9.10 by Avery Lee
* Vegas Pro v9.0 by Sony Creative Software Inc.
* Avidemux v2.5.3 by Mean software
* GoldWave v5.57 by GoldWave® Inc.
* JoeQuake v0.15DEV (b3003) by Jozsef Szalontai
* Demtool by Stefan Schwoon
* Demorelise by Anthony Bailey
* LMPC by Uwe Girlich
* QdQstats by Nolan Pflug

* Web: https://speeddemosarchive.com/quake
* Contact: quake@speeddemosarchive.com
* IRC: #qdq on quakenet

Dedicated to the original Quake done Quick Team:
* Nolan Pflug
* Yonatan Donner
* Mathias Belz
* Stefan Schwoon

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December 24th, 2008
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