Questions and answers, Moto G5s plus after Oreo upgrade,avoid IMEI-0,Must see full time video .


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Sawal apka jabab mera,This oreo 8.1
1) 64 bit/32 bit?
2) Bettery back up and Charging speed, Performance improvement?

3) Uninstall the Rom ?😢😢😢-🎁😊😊★★★★★Why don't and how?

4)Next Beta upgrade and released ?👍

5)IMEI 0 ?😢😢-😊😊★★★

6)Face unlock ,Moto key kob ayega?☺️☺️

7) Download error ,Solve?💐

extra:-All call recording is not working properly due to API errors but this call recording app working for me:-
If not working for you kindly on your spreker for important call.

🎂🎂😢Please note that if you have received june security patch on 7.1.1 don't install 8.1 june ,enter for MFN or wait for August oreo.

Installation guide
install OTA now by Download it via ADM browser copy and paste the link :


2nd phase oreo works with 7.1.1 letest
Give a big thanks 👌👌👌👌

1)please download the Rom with ADM download manager mobile app.😍

2)open ADM folder and move the file to internal storage (Root folder)😍

★★Give storage permission to Motorola update service app in app settings.😍😍😍

3)Restart phone for show system update .😍

4)Check the system update
and if you see new update, otherwise restart once again.😍

5)Again check system update online .
update have come press download and install.😍
6)You should sure that you have 60% over battery.☺️☺️☺️☺️

6)your system will reboot automatically
keep patience .😍😍😍😍

7)Enjoy and like this video 👍👍👍👍👍
Must see after upgrading mot g5s plus Oreo, Avoid IMEI-0, Want to uninstall Oreo, June security patch 7.1.1 enter MFN but don't install june Oreo, Bettery and performance issues after upgrading oreo reset,