Regular School Board Meeting: June 2018


TCU School Board

Hey guest, welcome to Like to see
Tri-City United
Regular Meeting
Monday, June 11, 2018 6:00 PM
TCU High School Band Room
1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Administrative Report
June 2018 Board Report
4. Approve Agenda
5. Consent Agenda
A. Approval of Minutes
5.14.18 Board Minutes
5.29.18 Special Board Meeting
B. Personnel
1. New Hires
Elise Lundeen - Gifted and Talented Teacher - District wide
Megan Oss - Jump Start Teacher - Lonsdale
Megan Oss - Elementary Teacher - Lonsdale
Melissa Nielsen - Elementary Music Teacher - Lonsdale & Montgomery
Margaret Johnson - Art and Technology Teacher - Lonsdale & Montgomery
Rebecca Pauley - Special Education Teacher - Le Center
Kailey Bianchi - MS Math Teacher - Montgomery
Bruce McWilliams - 7-12 MS-HS Band Director
Jim Timmerman - Special Education Teacher - High School
Kayla Malecha - Elementary Teacher - Montgomery
Chad Johnson - Activities Director 7-12
Amy Zasoski - K-12 Digital Learning and Media Specialist - District Wide
Cheryl Fitterer - Media Para -Lonsdale
Allison Hanek - Head Danceline Coach
Erin Winters - NHS Co-Advisor
Luke Fleck - Assistant HS Robotics Advisor
Elise Lundeen - Targeted Services Paraprofessional - Lonsdale
Sheila Schoenbauer - Cheer Coach - Football
Mary Stanke - FT Custodial/Maintenance
Elise Lundeen - One Act Play Co-Advisor
Erin Winter One Act Play Co-Advisor
Julie Simon - Asst Cook - Summer Food Service Program
2. Employment Ending
a. Matt Lewis - 2nd Grade - Montgomery
b. Jake Kane - Special Education - Le Center
c. Air Chantharak - Special Edcation - High School
d. Kayla Bartusek - 2nd Grade - Lonsdale
e. Jennifer Leslie - MS Math Teacher - Montgomery
f. Andrea Duron - School Readiness Teacher - Lonsdale
g. Becky Velarde - Special Education Para - Lonsdale
h. Allison Larson - Media Para - Lonsdale
i. Erin Olson - Paraprofessional - Lonsdale
j. Erik Root - Asst .Robotics Advisor
k. Jason Hollom - 7th Grade Boys Basketball Coach
l. Air Chantharak - JH Football Coach, Head Boy's Basketball Coach, Asst. Track & Field Coach
m. Peter Rogotzke - Asst. Football Coach, 8th Grade Boys Basketball
n. Vanessa Hofmann - Cheer Coach - Football
o. Jackie Brockway - One Act Play Director
p. Phil Campbell - JH Basketball Coach
q. Jay Frederickson - JH Wrestling Coach
r. Amy Alberg - National Honor Society Advisor - Change from Advisor to Co-Advisor
s. Heidi Veazie - HS Student Council Advisor
t. Mary Stanke - PT Custodian - High School
u. Michelle Trcka - ECFE, Preschool Para - District wide
3. Policies - 2nd & Final Reading
407 Employee Right to Know
413 Harassment and Violence
413 FORM Harassment and Violence
414 Mandated Reporting of Child Neglect or Physical or Sexual Abuse
514 Bullying Prohibition Policy
524 Internet Acceptable Use and Safety
534 Unpaid Meal Charges
620 Credit for Learning
624 Online Learning Options
704 Development and Maintenance of an Inventory of Fixed Assets and Fixed Asset Accounting
712 Video Surveillance Other Than on Buses
802 Disposition of Obsolete Equipment and Material
4. Contract Approval
Student Activities Director 7-12
TCU School Office Support Staff
TCU School Office Support Staff 2018-2020 contract settlement Executive Summary
C. Approval of Bills in the amount of $527,194.79
D. Finance Report
F17-18 P10_Finance Report 06.11.18 April 2018.pdf
7. Open Forum
8. Informational Items
A. Year End Activity Report - Jason Myrhe
2017-2018 Annual Activities Report
B. Qcomp Annual Review - Qcomp Leaders
2018 QComp Board Summary
9. Committee Updates
10. New Business
A. Reducing Lead in Drinking Water - TCU Plan
ISD2905 Lead-in-Water May 2018
Appendix A EPA Fact Sheet Lead in Drinking Water Coolers
B. FY 19 Budget Approval
TCU FY19 Adopted Budget Executive Summary
BUDGET FY19ADP _ as on 06.11.2018
C. 18-19 Membership in the Minnesota State High School League
D. Adult Basic/Literacy Education Reimbursement Agreement
Adult Basic Ed Cooperative Continuation
E. Property/Liability/Casualty/Auto & Workers' Compensation Coverage Renewal
Insurance Renewal Executive Summary
F. Approval of the 2018-19 K-8 Student Handbook
2018-19 Executive Summary for Handbook Changes
G. Approval of the 2018-19 9-12 Student Handbook
Handbook Changes 2018 Executive Summary
11. Adjourn