The Voice Kids | BEST DISNEY SONGS in The Blind Auditions [PART 2]


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Disney has produced dozens of memorable hit songs over the years. Alana (Colombia) and Olwika (Poland) sing a local version of a Disney song. Do you recognize these songs?

What's your favorite Disney song?

1. Alana sings 'Y Si Hacemos un Muñeco' (La Voz Kids Colombia):

2. Anna sings 'How Far I'll Go' (The Voice Kids NL):

3. Elina sings 'Part Of Your World' (The Voice Kids Australia):

4. Oliwka Kopiec sings 'Mam tę moc' (The Voice Kids Poland):

5. Bianca sings 'Do You Want To Build A Snowman' (The Voice Kids Philippines):

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