Top 10 Movie Villains That Are Just Plain Bad


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Top 10 Movie Villains That Are Just Plain Bad

Villains that were just the worst, and were so bad they even ruined their movies. WatchMojo presents Top 10 Villains that brought down their films, be it because of their acting, bad special effects, or even just a lack of movie magic. So which villain will take the spot at the very bottom? Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mr. Freeze, John Travolta's Terl from Battlefield Earth, or one of the lesser known Superman baddies. Watch to find out!

List of ranks and entries
00:50 #10: General Grievous
01:50 #9: King Koopa
02:45 #8: The Shark
03:35 #7: Dominic Greene
04:43 #6: Benjamin Chudnofsky aka Bloodnofsky
05:40 #5: Ivan Ooze
06:43 #4: Aliens
07:34 #3, #2, and #1 ???

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