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Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds In The World

There are many people who believe “bigger is better” and are interested to pet a tall and giant dog. But while selecting a dog breed this is not a practical approach, there are many other criteria that need to be considered while selecting a dog breed. And if your conditions, expertise and requirement allow you to go for a bigger dog breed then only you should go for them. If you think owning a giant dog is not only your fascination and you the right person to pet them and looking for a bigger dog breed, then you can refer this article to find the option to make your choice.

1 - Irish Wolfhound
2 - Great Dane
3 - Scottish DeerHound
4 - Tamaskan Husky
5 - Great Pyrenees
6 - Bukovina Sheepdog
7 - Anatolian Shepherd
8 - Kangal Dog
9 - Neapolitan Mastiff
10 – Leonberger

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