What Is 5G? & How 5G Will Change The World!


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In this video, we’ll be discussing 5G – more specifically, what it is and its ability to change our world!

5G is a core technology in establishing the digital infrastructure of the future and will be essential in how all of the over 50 billion mobile and connected devices by 2020 will communicate together!

[0:25-2:55] First we'll take a quick look at the history of mobile networks, and how they have evolved over the
years to present day.

[2:55-14:20] Following that, we'll focus on the technologies a 5G network is composed of and the improvements in speed,
latency, bandwidth and energy consumption they will bring.

[14:20-23:40] Finally, we'll discuss the transition process from 4G LTE networks to 5G as well as the timeframe for the release of
5G to the public.

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