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🍨 :: remake subliminal
❀⌇― cute studént↷
⌗includes : ๑ ˚◌ ❀ ꒱ °
― become extremely smart, intelligent, & have a high IQ
― have a really good memory and always remember what you study
― doesn't forget what you studied easily
― always participate in class activities, projects, recitations.
― improve your grades and have a higher improved grades
― your teachers likes you, become a teachers pet.
― your voice to be cute, soft, clear, angelic, feminine & slightly high pitched.
― cute and attractive laugh
― everyone loves your cute voice and your attractive laugh.
― have an beautiful, attractive and adorable smile
― smile can make everyone fall for you easily
― cute hiccups, sneezes, coughs, burps & yawns
― cute, attractive, adorable facial expressions + look cute when yawning
― people views you as cute, adorable, and attractive
― attractive & cute mannerisms
― become sweet, caring, cute, gentle + less cussing
― attract people because of your charms / cuteness.
― become popular in your school
― become well known cause of your cuteness
― always safe and protected.
― only interact with safe people and never attract dangerous people.
― always get cared and protected by everyone
― everyones love for you is safe and isn't unhealthy
― soft, cute and adorable aura
― attract your crush to you and get liked back by them
― they like you for who you are
― doesn't left you on read/seen when you messages them via text.
― crush cant bare to ignore you and left you on read
― crush doesnt like any other people, they only like you and only you.
― crush does not talk to others in a flirty way
― crush calls you cute nicknames and always get complemented by them.
― crush always messages you first
― crush is clingy to you (if desired)
― crush cares for you and trully appreciates you
― everyone to support you and your crush's relationship
― everyone pairs you two / ships you two
― become the most popular couple / ship in your school
― become naturally funny, and always come up with good original jokes.
― everyone to pat your head lightly
― cute baby face, look younger and more adorable.
― people think you are cute, adorable, and adores you for it.
― everyone treats you with kindess, everyone is kind and nice to you.
― look cute when smiling, laughing, crying, excited, angry, annoyed, resting.
― look cute and adorable in any emotions
― cute resting face
― mini booster. ︶︶︶

↷ notes♡ ꒱..°
― my subliminals are safe
― negative affirmations aren't included
― can be heard with or without earbuds
― can be downloaded

❀⌇― instagram @ naehka

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