007 Quake 2 Mod Trailer

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Check out the old page from PlanetQuake.com: https://dondeq2.com/2019/02/21/golden...

IoN_PuLse - Team Leader, head coder, mapper, modeler, skinner, texturer, sound artist, etc
BluePhyre - Mapper, sounds, ideas
00DJ0B - Beta tester, sound provider, help files and stuff
Maric - Mapper
berserker(rap) - Ideas, tester
ShArPSh00tEr - Modeler, tester
Sparky - Sound/music person
Smurfy - Beta tester
Gimped Monkey - Beta tester
mikemckim - Tester, runs Goldeneye Extreme
Dude Man - Tester
TechnoMage - Assistant Coder
Cluck - Modeler
Spear - Mapper

Also thanks to:
MannY - Created a lot of the models in 007Q2, great 3D modeler
The Counter-Strike Team - Graciously donated their AK-47 model for use (although IoN made the crappy skin)
FuzzySteve - LCC32 help and other stuff (LOTS OF OTHER STUFF)
Electric9 - Created the 007bunker map
Patrick Wagstrom(Pridkett) - Wrote Highlander sword tutorial which I adapted to make the chopping hand
Dan Eisner (DanE) - Wrote the continuation of the sword tut which helped a lot
Paul Brown - MP3 Music
Spine Design - Third Perspective Perspective Code
CGF Mod - Original fog code
Maj. Bitch - Provided code and support for the bitchbots used in the mod

Source: Youtube.com


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