3 Ways to use Quake & The Craziest Match | MCOC Quake Guide

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Short Version is here: https://funtvkids.com/watch_fYrnWKXMsw
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In this Video:
There are three ways to use Quake in battle, usually people use the two easiest ways, 1 and 2. This video mainly refers to the most difficult and most unusual way to use Quake.

3 ways to use Quake:
#1. Easiest: Parry after evade, hitting opponent to create space
#2. Normal: Parry after evade but do not hit the opponent
#3. Hardest: Neither parry nor hit opponent
Maybe you ve never seen anyone use Quake like that, thank @TryingForUniqueName for some beautiful match.
Description: https://funtvkids.com/c/NCMEpicMusic
By Ender Güney

Source: Youtube.com


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