ABC Alphabet Phonics Song Nursery Rhymes for Kids

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Play along with ABC Alphabet Phonics Nursery Rhymes Songs for Kids - Simple fun song for children!

A is for Apple, a a Apple, a a Apple
A Apple

B is for Baby, b b Baby, b b Baby
B Baby

C is for Candy, c c Candy, c c Candy
C Candy

D is for Diamond, d d Diamond, d d Diamond
D Diamond

E is for Elephant, e e Elephant, e e Elephant
E Elephant

F is for Football, f f Football, f f Football
F Football

G is for Glasses, g g Glasses, g g Glasses
G Glasses

H is for Hat, h h Hat, h h Hat
H Hat

I is for Igloo, i i Igloo, i i Igloo
I Igloo

J is for Jelly, j j Jelly, j j Jelly
J Jelly

K is for Keyboard, k k Keyboard, k k Keyboard
K Keyboard

L is for Ladybug, l l Ladybug, l l Ladybug
L Ladybug

M is for Monkey, m m Monkey, m m Monkey
M Monkey

N is for Nootbook, n n Nootbook, n n Nootbook
N Nootbook

O is for Orange, o o Orange, o o Orange
O Orange

P is for Pony, p p Pony, p p Pony
P Pony

Q is for Queen, q q Queen, q q Queen
Q Queen

R is for Rainbow, r r Rainbow, r r Rainbow
R Rainbow

S is for Strawberry, s s Strawberry, s s Strawberry
S Strawberry

T is for Tiger, t t Tiger, t t Tiger
T Tiger

U is for Umbrella, u u Umbrella, u u Umbrella
U Umbrella

V is for Violin, v v Violin, v v Violin
V Violin

W is for Whale, w w Whale, w w Whale
W Whale

X is for Xylophone, x x Xylophone, x x Xylophone
X Xylophone

Y is for Yo-Yo, y y Yo-Yo, y y Yo-Yo
Y Yo-Yo

Z is for Zebra, z z Zebra, z z Zebra
Z Zebra



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