Angry Birds on The Run | Skate Board Mission - S1 Ep8

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Needing a quicker way to reach their destination, the Angry Birds find a skateboard and decide to test out their wicked skating skills.

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As the result of a simple accident, Angry Birds Red, Chuck and Bomb are cast out of their home and into a strange, unfamiliar world where nothing makes sense - the human world! Forced to embark upon an epic quest to get home before they are locked out of the game forever, the birds encounter all manner of strange and wonderful things, from curious babies to wild dogs to their own reflections, and even ice cream. Join us for this incredible, hilarious, unforgettable adventure.

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A Rovio Entertainment Production in partnership with Blink Industries and Popcorn Digital

Angry Birds on the Run

Written and Directed by
Baker Terry

Michelle Antoniades

Created and Developed by
Joe Lawson
Hanna Valkeapää
Bruna Capozzoli

RED - voiced by Mike Bodie
CHUCK - voiced by Arnab Chanda
BOMB - voiced by Baker Terry

THE GIRL - voiced by Anna Antoniades

Additional Voices - Baker Terry, Anna Antoniades, Tom Stuart, Ben Lole, Michelle Antoniades, Will Kay, featuring Dottie as THE BABY

Rovio Entertainment Corporation:
Executive Producers: Joe Lawson, Hanna Valkeapää
Associate Producer: Anne Dahlgren
Story consulting: Kim Helminen, Paulo Alvarado
Audio consulting: Mikko Paju
Original Music: Douglas Black Heaton
Graphic design: Toni Kysenius, Ari Seppä
Intro compositioning: Jani Teräväinen
Marketing and PR: Aino Greis, Pekka Korpela, Juan Gaona Leon

Popcorn Digital:
Executive Producer: Bruna Capozzoli
Production Associate: Aaron Hartog

Blink Industries:
Executive Producers - Tom Stuart & James Stevenson Bretton
Director of Photography - Ben Jones
Edited by - Stephen Raynes & Ben Jones
Sound Design & Mix - Tristan Williams
Puppeteer/Compositor - Will Kay
Art Department/Production Coordinator - Marisa Wasboonma
Puppet Rigging - Jonny&Will
Original Music written & produced by - Baker Terry & Tristan Williams
Graphics by - Marina Freeman

Special Thanks to - Blink Studio, Major Tom, Ben Lole & Blinkink, Preference Studio, Beetle

Angry Birds™ & ©2018 Rovio Entertainment Corporation and Rovio Animation Ltd. All Rights Reserved.



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