Antique Tool Chest [Recycle]

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I thought something a little different from the normal tool restorations would be perfect for the end of the year.

This tool is an antique tool chest that I found while picking for other items. I really liked the style of the brass corners and metal covered lid so I picked it up. There is no sign of how old it is except for the lock and key. They are made by Yale & Towne MFG. Co. of Stamford, Connecticut, most likely in the early 1900s.

The box was mainly made out of Fir, which is odd as Fir does not grow near where this was found. It's possible the wood was purchased especially for this tool chest or the tool chest was originally built in a region with lots of Fir.

I decided to put my own styling and modifications on this tool chest as I wanted to add my own history into it. I almost never get a chance to polish brass so it was nice to give it a brushed metal look. I may stain the wood similarly to the original reddish colour, but I am unsure at the moment.

I am not sure what tools I want to store in this chest, so I have not made any specific modifications to accommodate that yet.

Help secure more tools for future videos (if you want):


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