Bioshock 2 Remastered Playthrough (Part 7)

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Part 8-

Set 8 years after the events of the initial game, BioShock 2 follows Subject Delta, a prototype Big Daddy brought back to life and sent on a quest to recover the Little Sister he was bonded to prior to his death, Eleanor, from the clutches of the new leader of Rapture, Sofia Lamb. He is guided through the decrepit ruins of the fallen utopia by former scientist Brigid Tenenbaum, seeking redemption from her immoral actions during her researches, and businessman Augustus Sinclair, who follows his own plans to escape the city.

The game explores a more brutal gameplay than its predecessor, with much more organized enemies and new weapons, Plasmids and Gene Tonics. It also offers a much more wrecked vision of Rapture, ruled by ideals completely opposed to the vision of Andrew Ryan.



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