BORSCHT BETRAYAL 🍲 Mirette Investigates 🔍 NEW CARTOON 2019

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In tis Mirette Investigates episode, while sitting alone in front of “Love’s Flame”, Jean-Pat learns that a fearsome girl thief is marauding in Paris! When he sees the first images of the culprit he realizes that it is… Mirette! What horror! Has his favorite dectectivette lost her marbles or what? He goes out onto the streets of Paris to try to find her and, fortunately, runs into her. But Mirette is on high alert because, obviously, she did not commit these latest robberies: it’s the GIV, who has assumed her appearance in order to discredit her! Jean-Pat is stunned and wants to start an investigation at once to find that horrible GIV… but he doesn’t know that the very person is right beside him and that the Mirette he is so pleased to have found, is the fake one!

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