Castlevania: Aria Of Sorrow - Forbidden Area, Dracula Reborn? Chaotic Finale - Episode 9

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We continue to explore the world of Castlevania with a jump to the year 2035 in Aria Of Sorrow as a young Soma Cruz is summoned to Dracula's castle, itself trapped inside an eclipse since Dracula's destruction in 1999, what is going on?

So the endgame clear up begins as with 94% of the map explored we find our way around to the remaining hidden rooms, passing the waterfall to reach the Forbidden Area and claim the Claimh Solais, also obtaining our final book.
With that we head off towards the end of the game as Graham Jones stands in our way, but with a certain set of souls in our use we find out the truth of Soma and the evil lurking beyond....

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