Castlevania SotN. Part 2.0

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Hello, Greetings, and Salutations Ladies and Gentlemen. I will be streaming mostly live game play. Unedited for most, if not all. Most with commentary, some without. I will be co-collaborating with my friend and fellow streamer UnknownEverest for a lot of the game streams on here but I will be putting up some of my own personal streams as well. As with UnknownEverest I will not be heavily editing any of it, I may not edit most it for that matter, and there will be no sugar coating of most things though we will be as proper as a couple gamers can be. Please also check out UnknownEverest's channel and subscribe to him if you haven't done so yet and thank you for that in advance. I look forward seeing you all browse my channel as it grows. Don't be afraid to comment while the streams are going. I am ok with, and encourage, talking from and with any one that comes to be a part of my audience. Hope to talk with many of you as I get things going with this and see you all later.



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