Cobra - Series 9 & 10 All Fights - Robot Wars - 2017

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This is every single fight from series 9 & 10 of Robot Wars that includes Cobra.

Series 9 -
Heat B:
Cobra vs Behemoth vs Hobgoblin vs Eruption (1:40)

Series 10 -
World Series Episode 1:
Cobra & TMHWK vs Apollo & Gabriel (5:40)
Cobra vs Sabretooth (14:25)

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All footage shown in this video and all rights to the show are owned by Mentorn Media and Passion Distribution.

Please do share these videos, and get the word of Robot Wars around. The more people who know about Robot Wars, the bigger the fanbase, and the more likely we are to get new, bigger, better series. Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoy!

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Robot Wars



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