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Daddy is hungry today! will Sweetie give him Pizza?

BST Presents Kids Kitchen song with pizza, fruits and cupcakes ft. daddy, mommy, Baby johnny and chiya.

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Darling, Darling, yes sweety
Are you hungry? Yes sweety
Want some food? Yes sweety
Let's together eat, ha ha ha

Sweety, Sweety, yes darling
Eating pizza? Yes darling
I want a slice, Sure darling
Here is your slice, ha ha ha

Mommy, Mommy, Yes Johny
I am feeling hungry, join us, baby,
I want pizza, sure baby
Here is your slice, ha ha ha

Daddy, Daddy, yes Chiya
I need that cupcake, sure baby
Is it tasty? Yes daddy
Then have it, baby, ha ha ha

Chiya, chiya, yes dolly
I want those fruits, yes dolly
They are good for your health, yes mommy
Have it, baby, ha ha ha

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