Donkey Kong Country 3 (SNES) Playthrough

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NNID - Lightning_XIII-7
Switch Friend Code - 4862-9396-5107

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Stream Rules

Rules: 99.9% Family Friendly Channel. I do stream a few games that will not be family friendly

1. No cursing please
2. Be respectful of others, especially the Moderators
3. Do not argue with the moderators
4. No spamming messages, caps or emotes, nightbot will get you lol
5. Don't ask to be moderator. I will decide if I need to add a Moderator
6. No politics please
7. No self promotion or promoting another channel
8. We’re all here to have fun ^^

The Stream Schedule
Start Time. Game being Streamed (All times are PST

Monday January 21st
3:00 pm - Donkey Kong Country 3

Tuesday January 22nd
10:30 am - Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance #3
5:00 pm - Mystery GBA Game #1

Wednesday January 23rd
10:30 am - Super Mario Maker #22
4:00 pm - Straw Poll Winner

Thursday January 24th
10:30 am - Super Smash Bros Ultimate #21
5:00 pm - Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance #4

Friday January 25th
10:30 am - Mystery GBA Game #2
4:30 pm - The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild #25

Saturday January 26th
10:30 am - Super Smash Bros Ultimate #22
5:00 pm - Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance #5

End times can be shorter/longer depending on if the game is finished early of if I’m really close to finishing the game

Thumbnail Credits - Nintendo

#Nintendo #DonkeyKong #SNES



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