Donkey Kong Country - Soundtrack (SPC)

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Music by David Wise, Eveline Fischer and Robin Beanland.

00:00 Opening Fanfare
00:08 Theme
02:14 Simian Segue
04:52 DK Island Swing
10:09 Cranky's Theme
11:28 Cave Dweller Concert
17:30 Bonus Room Blitz
18:36 Aquatic Ambiance
22:19 Candy's Love Song
24:37 Bad Boss Boogie
27:09 Mine Cart Madness
30:24 Life in the Mines
34:57 Voices of the Temple
38:06 Forest Frenzy
40:18 Treetop Rock
43:19 Funky's Fugue
45:34 Misty Menace
50:04 Northern Hemispheres
54:16 Ice Cave Chant
57:43 Fear Factory
1:01:03 Gang-Plank Galleon
1:03:46 K. Rool's Cacophony
1:04:09 The Credits Concerto



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