Final Fantasy 7 (PSX) - All Limit Breaks [HD]

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This is a short collaboration of all the limit breaks in Final Fantasy 7. No intros, outros, or any fluffy garbage like that, this is just the limit breaks themselves. And like my Final Fantasy 8 video, I decided to leave all the music and sound effects in. They're way too classic to mess with. (see time key below for each character)

Thanks for watching! :)

~-~-~ [ Time Key ] ~-~-~
Cloud - 0:00
Aeris - 1:09
Barret - 2:07
Tifa - 3:04
Red XIII - 3:33
Yuffie - 4:37
Vincent - 5:52
Cid - 7:31
Cait Sith - 8:51

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