FNC vs. MSF - Semifinals Game 1 | EU LCS Summer Playoffs | Fnatic vs. Misfits Gaming (2018)

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VoD of Fnatic vs. Misfits Gaming (Game 1)
EU LCS Summer Playoff Semifinals 2018 #EULCS

Casters: Medic, Vedius and Deficio
Analyst Studio: Sjokz, Ender and Kold
Interview: Drakos with Moose

Full Line up:
Fnatic Line up:
• Bwipo – Top Ornn
• Broxah – Jungle Skarner
• Caps – Mid Cassiopeia
• Rekkles – ADC Tristana
• Hylissang – Support Braum

Misfits Gaming Line up:
• Alphari – Top Cho'Gath
• Maxlore – Jungle Ivern
• Sencux – Mid Orianna
• Hans sama – ADC Kalista
• Mikyx – Support Alistar

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