FUNnel VISION 🌟 10 Things You Didn`t Know About SHAWN, LEXI, MICHAEL & CHASE 🐶

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Are you a fan of FUNnel Vision new videos? Do you like their songs? Have you subscribed to Shawn`s own channel?

Then you must watch today`s video, and write in the comments below how many of these facts you knew already!


Hey folks, this is Lord HushHush and today we are going to talk about FUNnel Vision.

FUNnel Vision is a popular YouTube channel starring a family of 6 - parents Vincent and Samantha, and kids Lexi, Michael, Chase and Shawn. They post new videos on a weekly basis, mostly vlogs, food challenges, skits and road trips. They also do holiday specials and travel videos, featuring places like Disney World and even the Bahamas.

Here are the top 10 facts about FUNnel Vision, but before that, if you are new to our channel, please remember to subscribe and put the notifications on, so you won`t miss any of our cool videos!

Number 10
The FUNnel Vision YouTube channel was created on December 4th, 2006. For perspective, their oldest daughter Lexi is only a few months older than the channel. She was born in July of that same year.

Number 9
FUNnel Vision First Video
The oldest public video on their channel went up on August 25, 2007. It features young Lexi trying salt and vinegar chips for the first time. Over the last decade, this video has gathered more than five million views.

Number 8
The FUnnel Vision family actually has four channels. Their second and third channels are FGTEEV and TheSkylanderBoyAndGirl, which feature unboxing videos, sketches, gaming and music. DohMuchFun is the final channel, with content aimed at younger children and toddlers.

Number 7
DohMuchFun alone has 1 million subscribers. That may seem like a lot until you realize their main channel FUNnel Vision has 4.5 million subs.

Number 6
The 300+ videos on the FUNnel Vision channel have accumulated 4.6 billion views over the last 11 years. 4.6 billion is half the population of the world!

Number 5
In addition to all of their vlogs and food challenges, the family is musically gifted. Lexi is a rising star on, with more than 600 thousand fans, and the family currently has 13 songs available for purchase on iTunes.

Number 4
The family has done a lot of things in their YouTube videos, but one of the craziest was the time they toilet papered their own house with a drone.

Number 3
All of these videos, views and subscribers have paid off. Between ad revenue, product placement and brand endorsements, FUNnel Vision's estimated yearly income is 2.6 million. As of 2017, their estimated net worth is around 6 billion USD.

Number 2
Despite their success on YouTube, FUNnel Vision hasn't been immune from the ADpocalypse of 2017. On its quest to remove content that isn't advertiser-friendly, YouTube's automated system wrongly took down a few of the family's videos. The ensuing outrage sparked an online petition that has gathered almost 37 thousand signatures.

Number 1
The family grew by one during Christmas 2017, when they adopted a puppy. After consulting with their fans, they decided to name her Oreo!

That's all for this top 10! Don't forget to like&subscribe and leave a comment below, and as the family says, "Have a FUNnel day!"

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