Galaga (MAME) - 5,524,600 - Stage 426

97439 481 26


Recorded using WolfMAME 0.152
Achieved on April 13th 2014.
Beating the previous record of 5,405,930 set by Stephen Krogman in 1998
TG (Rank D 20k/70k/70k)*
Stage 426*
Shots fired 28527, Hit 23333. Hit miss ratio 82%.
Streamed live via Twitch:

*You get extras up until 1m, then no more - a total of 18 ships
**256 + 170. Game rolls from 255 to 0 then proceeds as if you are starting a new game. However this does depend on difficulty settings:

Rank A and C: The game will lock up
Rank B and D: Stage 0 is playable and will continue to stage 1 and beyond, infinitely.



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