Goldeneye 007 Reloaded Movie (All Cutscenes) 2011

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The old N64 classic this time with a different spin on the story and characters. It seems like Alec's motives are different for creating the Janus network with no mention about his parents in the game and no burn marks from the Facility incident. Also sadly no Boris this time around. :(

The classic shooter is back with all-new features. With more legendary characters, upgraded multiplayer capabilities, numerous controller options and stunning graphics, GoldenEye 007: Reloaded is here to quench your thirst for James Bond action. Unlock 11 challenge areas in the new MI-6 mode, and play Covert, Elimination, Defense and Assault game modes. Paintball, Melee Only, Golden Gun and other classic multiplayer action returns for split-screen and online fun. Blast classic Bond villains to smithereens using signature weapons. Take the action online and relive your favorite multiplayer shooter with up to 16 players. Take advantage of everything you remember about the classic multiplayer maps, and get to know four all-new layouts. Bond's back — and he's Reloaded. Are you?



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