GoldenEye 007: Temple in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

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Ah, you again?! Well, since you're here welcome one and all to my amazing show of exploring ported/recreated maps from one game in another in some of my favorite games, this time we're taking a look at GoldenEye 007's Temple level recreated in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory as an objective based map.

This map was created by ViTriol despite the last two being made by Loffy. No original release date could be found but it's believed to first come out in 2009-2012.

Unlike the last two GoldenEye maps I've covered this one takes the source material in a different direction. Rather than recreate the same exact layout and add smaller details this map takes the original layout and completely morphs it into something else. You'll find some of the same rooms, hallways, and areas but without knowing this was a GoldenEye level you wouldn't put the two conclusions together unless you looked at the mini-map. Despite the map doing its own thing with the source materials you can still find many cool and new spins throughout the map with many personal and clan related references littered about. From my playthrough of the map I couldn't find any GoldenEye specific references other than the layout but that's not to say some are hidden in very hard to find spots. The map itself has a very simple objective of stealing the Axis gold and bringing it back with only a couple constructables/destructables to play with. All in all the map is very fun and though you don't get a whole lot of fierce close-quarters battles going on there's plenty of places for camping and ambush points. Definitely a map to check out regardless of if you're a GoldenEye fan or not!

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