Gorgeous Freeman - Episode 1 - The Suit

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Remember me , dear subscriber ? .. of course not , but never mind . After months of work and a lot , and I mean A LOT of trouble _you probably don't care_ this first episode about the adventures of Gorgeous Freeman is finally here !

I'd like to thank DasBoSchitt , providing his wonderful sweet voice for Dr. Breenvil

Anyway , this video is also a bit of a pilot kind of episode , and if you guys like it , I'll start working on more episodes . Don't forget to give me some feed back , it helps a lot . See you in 20 years for my next video !

Music :

Perrey and Kingsley - Electronic Can-Can
Tekken: Blood Vengeance OST: Awaken
DoctorK - Baby got back - Remixed by yours truly
Saint Seiya OST III - Athena's Love
pornosonic - special delivery 7
Death Note Anime OST 2 - Semblance of Dualism
Half-Life - Valve Theme
Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas OST : Yakusoku no hanawa
Saint Seiya OST - Hoo Yoku Ten Shoo small part

Source: Youtube.com


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