Grand Theft Auto 3 Walktrough #7 - Mike Lips Last Lunch

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GTA 3 Full Gameplay Walktrough Played on PC

mod used :
complete starter save
G input mod
Widescreen Fix Pack :
Money Pop Up :

Claude walks in and is told by Joey Leone that the Forelli brothers owe him money and that he is tired of waiting, needing Claude to teach them some respect. He tells Claude that Mike Forelli (possibly a brother of the Don of the Forellis) is eating at Marco's Bistro in Saint Mark's and tells Claude to rig a bomb to Forelli's car using 8-Ball's bomb shop in Harwood. Claude leaves and drives to Marco's Bistro, stealing Mike Forelli's car. He drives it to 8-Ball's bomb shop, has the bomb rigged and returns the car to its original location. Forelli slowly leaves Marco's Bistro and after starting his car, is killed as the bomb detonates. Mission Overview by :



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