Grand Theft Auto III [PC] 100% Speedrun in 4:52:04

54255 537 42


Paramedic can be at least 2 minutes better

getting all rare vehicles in the first 51 minutes felt good :)

I should've taken the Mr. Whoopee that spawned on I scream, you scream, so I could've deathwarped right after the mission

lost 1:30 min to the callahan bridge jump, another minute to failing Last Requests

forgot the shotgun rampage replay on shima (until I got the Barracks OL) as always...

Smack Down is a shit mission

lost a minute in A Drop in the Ocean, because I can't pick up packages

tfw Sentinel and Stretch at the start of my Shoreside exports

missed bridge cycles on both E2G and SAM

overall solid run, happy about not having to deviate from the route at all compared to my first run (which is on, not here), so it felt quite smooth even with the aforementioned time losses



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