Grooming Series: Bath Time

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This week I'm walking you through Winnie's weekly bath time routines. I start out with a full grooming session, as I do every morning, and then pop her into her special bath in the shower to get all clean. I will post the second half of this footage, which showcases how I blow dry Winnie's coat next week. For a list of my favorite grooming products, including the ones I use for Winnie's bath, check out my Favorite Grooming Products video, link below. Thanks for watching!

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Check out Winnie's blog for your daily dose of fluffy cuteness:

*DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a professional dog groomer or an expert of any kind on grooming, Shih Tzus, or dogs in general. This grooming series is a way to share my own personal experience with grooming and what I have learned over the past two years with you. What works for me and my dog may not work for you and yours.*



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