Half Life 2 Trailer

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The Original Half Life 2 trailer

JUNE 17th 2008
this is probably my oldest video from when I was like 12, man things have changed, but reading the comments here is my two cents

Just to let you guys know, you guys the ones talking about how halo sucks; halo 3 sucked, it flat out sucked there is no go away from that. The only thing is I enjoyed Halo 2 as probably the best game to come out of 2006, is it better than Half Life 2? in some retrospects, yes; but playing with 3 other friends (That's Right! THREE COUNT 'EM THREE FRIENDS) and whooping all their asses, even with that, we all had fun. The only thing I didn't like about HL2 was that 1.) I was the only kid in the county who had it :p 2.) HL2:DM sucked in comparison to Halo 2's multiplayer. it was a more visceral and violent expierience, but HL2 will always have a better story. Just please stop the fighting :3

Half Life

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